I am not a graduate.

I’m a college dropout.

I am no good at intellectual acrobatics.

I don’t remember most of the stuff I learned in schools.

I forgot how many tomatoes Brazil exports, all the logarithms, coronation dates of our dead kings, and most of the other „important“ things I learned in school, and lost hours, days and years on.

I still don’t know what purpose does it serve to know that the sum of the angles in a triangle is 180 degrees. I don’t know how to use that information to enrich my life.

But I live in abundance. I live my life on my own terms.

I made my dreams come true, not because of my education, but in spite of it. I got everything I have, not due to my knowledge or degree, but due to my virtues.

My father gave me not much to go on with, and my mom worried too much about me, because I didn’t do what I was told. My parents provided for my sister and me, working hard to ensure we had everything they thought we needed. But who was to provide me with what I thought I needed? Who was to provide me with what I wanted?

When I was a teenager, skipping school at times, my mom was concerned about what would become of me. She told me to go to school and get good grades. She said that should bring me success and happiness in life. She meant well.

I did that. For a while. I couldn’t help but notice that this advice didn’t hold water for far too many people I knew, who had high degrees but were either out of work or hating going to work. Apart from work, their private lives were mess. I asked myself, why education and all the knowledge didn’t help them to live a good life?

I asked myself, how come with all these highly educated people running the world, there is so much suffering and problems. With all the experts, how is it possible to have such crisis and mess in the world?

I wasn’t going to stop there. I wanted answers. I found them. And I found more. I found not only the problem but a solution too.

I met a wealthy guy, who was kind enough to tell me the three magic words that would open the doors to my success. However, I wanted more than just success. I wanted happiness too. The whole well-being package. Luckily, this guy told me the secret how to get it all. I was happy to hear that it had nothing to do with accumulation of knowledge. You see, like me, he came from a communist country and from a background that did him no favors. Yet, he rose from the ashes and became a multi-millionaire, without having a college degree.

I followed his lead, and with no academic pedigree, no last name that opened doors, no strings to pull, no social standing, and no friends in high places, I managed to achieve my dreams. Thanks to this Chinese tycoon, who was living in the States, I got motivated to find my success my way. I saw the guy once and never again. I never followed in his footsteps, neither did I do his line of work. As a matter of fact, I don’t work.  It’s because I found a magical source of all abundance and well-being. It is more about being than doing. It is the source available to anybody, including you, no matter what. The source of prosperity and all the great things in life is in the virtues – in being virtuous.

As long as I base my life on virtues, and not on wrongdoings, I am in favor of the creator of abundance. So I base my life on love, not on fear (as most people). I make my decision based on wisdom that comes not from knowledge but from intuition, imagination, conscience… In return, my life is full of miracles, I get gifts and unbelievable things happen all the time. I do only the things I love, and I get much love in return.

Over the years I learned my mom was right about many things, though. She was right about what I should be, when not about what I should do. I learned that all she encouraged me to be, like to be honest, kind, generous and all the other virtues, it brought me to my dreams.

I could be everything my mother wanted me to be, without doing everything she wanted me to do.

How I did it, and all about the access to the secret magical source of abundance is a longish story, which is told in a treasure hunt novel I wrote, which is titled „Magic Tree“, and is available from Amazon Kindle Store. It will cost you only as much as a burger, but the revelation will feed you for life! Check it out!

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